Waterstop Supplier Explains PVC WaterstopNeed Waterstop? We are a Nationwide Waterstop Supplier.

At Triumph Construction Supply, we stand out as a waterstop supplier by prioritizing accurate lead time quoting and fair pricing. Our business is built on the foundation of contractor support and trust, making us a reliable nationwide supplier.

As the leading construction supplier in the Midwest, we cater to various states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Missouri. Wherever your project is located, we’ve got you covered with timely delivery of essential materials.

Waterstop plays a crucial role in sealing joints in vertical and horizontal concrete panels, preventing groundwater infiltration and retaining water where necessary. There are several types of waterstop materials available, each serving specific purposes:

1.     Non-swelling (PVC): Made from PVC or rubber, this type of waterstop is positioned between concrete panels and integrated into the rebar mat before pouring cement over it, ensuring a durable seal. Triumph offers JP Specialties and Dura Joint variants in various sizes and shapes to meet your project requirements.

2.     Swelling (hydrophilic): Composed of bentonite or hydrophilic materials, this waterstop expands upon contact with water, creating a tight seal. Featuring an adhesive backing, products like Bentoswell and Adeka adhere to cured concrete slabs, facilitating easy cement pouring. Bentoswell relies on bentonite, while Adeka utilizes a hydrophilic compound, both options from waterstop supplier Triumph Construction Supply.

3.     Metallic (Retrofit/RX): Constructed from stainless steel, this waterstop is installed in joints to be covered with cement. Retrofit waterstop is specially designed to seal gaps between existing and new concrete constructions, ensuring fluid-tight connections.

Trust Triumph Construction Supply for all your waterstop needs and experience seamless construction processes with our high-quality materials and reliable delivery services. Whether you are in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, Grapevine, Plano, Texarkana), Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond), Arkansas (Ft. Smith, Bentonville, Fayetteville), Louisiana (Shreveport) Kansas (Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka), or Missouri (Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis), we are a waterstop supplier for your project. We offer the products listed here and many others to make your construction project run smoothly. Call us today at (816) 444-6000 for a free quote, or click here to contact us online.

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