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Every concrete project is unique. We understand that.

At Triumph Construction Supply, we are committed to helping you get the Waterstop you need in the Dallas, Texas, area to make your construction job a success.  Triumph’s knowledge, resources, and reliability make us a valuable asset for builders and construction professionals who demand competitive pricing and on-time delivery of Waterstop.

Triumph Construction Supply is located in Kansas City, the heart of the Midwest, with years and years of professional Waterstop supplier experience. Do you need waterstop in Dallas, Texas or anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, or Missouri? We can help your business project by delivering Waterstop to Dallas, the surrounding areas, or anywhere in the United States.


Waterstop is used to seal joints in both vertical and horizontal concrete panels to prevent ground water from penetrating or, in some cases, to keep water retained. There are a few different kinds of waterstops on the market today: non-swelling waterstop (PVC), swelling waterstop (hydrophilic), metallic waterstop (retrofit – also referred to as “rx”), and urethane waterstop. Below is a little detail on the types of Waterstops we sell.

1.) PVC Waterstop is a non-swelling waterstop, made out of PVC or rubber material and placed in the joint between concrete panels. PVC waterstop is usually tied into the rebar mat of the concrete panel at a joint, and then cement would be poured overtop of the waterstop to create a permanent barrier. The PVC waterstop we offer is JP Specialties and Dura Joint . They both come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the contractors needs or specifications. The other type of non-swelling waterstop is a rubber waterstop strip with adhesive on the bottom of the strip to place on top of already cured concrete, and then cement would be poured on top of it. This would be used at the base of a vertical wall. The brand we carry is Henry Synkoflex, and is sold with a primer to help adhere the adhesive strip. 

2.) Hydrophilic Waterstop is a swelling waterstop made out of bentonite or a hydrophilic material, causing them to swell when they contact water in cement. These products both serve the same purpose and have an adhesive backing allowing it to stick to a cured slab of concrete so cement could be poured on top. Mostly used in the base or vertical joints of a vertical wall section. The brands of swelling waterstops we carry are; Bentoswell and Adeka. The Bentoswell is bentonite based, and the Adeka has a hydrophilic compound. 

3.) Retrofit “rx” Waterstop is a metallic waterstop is usually made of stainless steel and would be placed in a joint to have cement poured on top. Retrofit waterstop is designed to provide a fluid-tight seal between existing concrete and new concrete construction. 

Do you need waterstop anywhere in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, Grapevine, Plano, Texarkana), Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond), Arkansas (Ft. Smith, Bentonville, Fayetteville), Louisana (Shreveport), Kansas (Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka), or Missouri (Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis)? We offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Call us for a free quote.

Waterstop Applications:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Below Grade (Underground) Facilities
  • Locks
  • Dams
waterstop has been applied from Kansas City's Triumph Construction Supply which they deliver nationwide

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A business built on strong customer and vendor relationships.

Dowel baskets delivered any in the United States by Kansas City based Triumph Construction Supply Company

At Triumph Construction Supply, we understand the value of maintaining great customer relationships. The customers that helped start our business in 2010 are still our strongest customers. Through our growth, we have recognized that the same amount of dedication to each new customer is necessary to ensure Triumph’s future success.

When establishing vendor relationships in 2010, we recognized that we had the benefit of choice. We chose vendors who could offer competitive prices in our market. Our owners had long-standing relationships with many of these vendors, others were chosen because their prices were unbeatable.

Though we remain a small, family-owned business, we continue to compete directly (and successfully) with large national companies. We also recognized that the material we provide is only a small portion of a much larger project. As our company slogan suggests, ‘Dedicated to Contractor Success,’ we take the necessary steps to ensure that material is delivered on time and in the highest quality, cost-effective way possible. 

We provide honest lead times and will never over-promise on delivery dates.

At Triumph Construction Supply, we take pride in our contributions to construction projects in the Dallas, Texas area and throughout the United States. Our favorite part of the job is the customer service we provide, which we see as our chance to bring value and expertise to help our customers succeed.


Looking to the future

As members of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA), ACPA, Missouri Concrete Association, AGC, and Builders Association and proud supporters of our Kansas City community, we plan to continue to engage with our customers in the field by supporting local students enrolled in construction management programs and developing relationships with tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Meet YOUR supply team
Dan Schmidt, Owner

As an industry veteran, Dan has built his 45-year career on selling construction materials. His inherent ability to connect customers with products and ideas that are favorable to the customers’ bottom line make him perfectly suited to his roll.

Matt Schmidt, Owner

Having worked in the construction material industry for the past 19 years, Matt brings his expertise in products, market prices, lead times and logistics to the team.

Max Fallon, Controller

Max has worked for Triumph for 9 years, handling a wide array of the company’s finance and accounting functions. Max holds a Master of Accounting degree from the University of Kansas and continues his development in the accounting profession.

Tyler Anthony, Estimator

Tyler has worked from Triumph for 7 years and focuses on tracking projects from the pre-bid to construction phase. He focuses on lead and proposal generation, material certification, and market research.

Ryan Stoll, Warehouse and Delivery

Ryan has been the face of Triumph for nearly four years, delivering material to job sites throughout the Kansas City area. He has impressed customers with his punctuality and the care he takes in loading and unloading material.

Jason Howard, Warehouse and Delivery

The newest member of our team, Jason has been working at Triumph for 1 year. Jason’s hard work ethic and attention to detail has made an impression both Triumph staff and customers alike.