Rigid Insulation Supplier: Triumph Construction Supply Knows Their Product

Rigid Insulation Supplier

If you’re in need of a rigid insulation supplier in Kansas City, you can trust Triumph Construction Supply. We offer rigid insulation in addition to many other products. When planning any type of construction project, calling Triumph Construction Supply is a smart decision early on. 

A rigid insulation supplier will provide you with a material you can use to provide thermal protection. This product can also be used as an air and moisture barrier. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is the type of rigid insulation that Triumph Construction Supply specialized in. 

Triumph’s knowledge of their projects has always made them an asset for builders and construction professionals. We are a rigid insulation supplier of standard “25psi” extruded polystyrene which requires a thickness of 2” to achieve a R-10 value. Our team brings years of professional rigid insulation industry knowledge. We will bring our performance experience and expertise to each project we provide materials for.

Rigid insulation can be used for:

  • “Perimeter” (foundation) insulation: This is the most capable foam insulation for direct ground contact as well as the most common insulation we carry. Meets the needs of most commercial foundation applications
  • “Freezer Slab” insulation: This is used for floor and wall insulation. This is a higher density XPS at 40 psi and 60 psi
  • “Cavity Wall” insulation: XPS is placed between interior masonry blocks and the exterior masonry bricks

Triumph Construction Supply remains a small, family-owned construction supply and rigid insulation supplier business. We are able to compete directly with large national companies. Our goal is your success, we take necessary steps to ensure that the materials your order will be delivered on time and in the most quality, cost-effective way possible.

 If you have a project in Kansas City that needs an XPS rigid insulation supplier, Triumph Construction Supply is delivers to the Kansas City Metro area. Contact us by calling (816) 444-6000 or contacting us through our website. Let us help make your project the best it can be.

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