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This week, Triumph Construction Supply, a Geogrid Supplier delivering throughout the Midwest, discusses embankment stabilization in its blog. If your construction site has weak soils or a mixture of soil types, a geogrid can be anchored at the top of an embankment to limit settlement and base sliding.

Geogrid has emerged as a revolutionary solution in civil engineering due to its ability to stabilize embankments. Embankments are used in transportation infrastructure, land development projects, and flood defense.

Geogrid can withstand extreme conditions, including changes in temperature, moisture, and UV exposure, due to being made from high-strength polymers. Because of its low cost and flexible nature, geogrids can be used for a wide variety of embankment stabilization projects, including:

  • Steep Slopes
  • Curved Surfaces
  • Site Contours

Using geogrid also reduces the need to use more expensive materials, such as steel or concrete, on an embankment. Unlike other materials, geogrid supports vegetation and grass growth where it is installed, reducing erosion in the area. As a bonus, this cost-saving benefit does not compromise quality or safety. Geogrid supplier Triumph Construction wants to ensure you can complete your project as economically as possible. When using geogrid, local soils can remain in use because geogrid will increase their load-bearing capacity and ensure proper drainage.

Geogrid is a Resilient Infrastructure Material

Triumph Construction is dedicated to contractor success and offering innovative supplies to the construction supply industry, and that includes being a geogrid supplier.
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