Geofoam Supplier – Benefits of Using Geofoam in Stadium Risers

geofoam supplier blocks being custom sized for a client at Triumph Construction Supply

Geofoam Supplier Triumph Construction Supply shares stadium riser construction tips and delivers geofoam and other construction materials throughout the Midwest.

Geofoam for Stadium Risers

As a geofoam supplier dedicated to contractor and project success, we supply geofoam for a variety of projects, including stadium risers. Geofoam is an excellent material for this usage because it is lightweight yet resists compression. Geofoam blocks can quickly be stacked in the stair-step style for stadium seating projects.

Because geofoam can be precut or cut on-site to the desired measurements, the time and labor needed to build stadium risers can be significantly reduced. Due to its lightweight nature, geofoam eliminates the need for pilings, surcharging, preloading, and staging.

In many situations, traditional fill materials or costly concrete just do not fit the project’s timeline or budget. Fortunately, tiered-level construction, such as stadium risers, can be built using geofoam from Triumph Construction Supply, your trusted construction source in the Midwest.

Benefits of Geofoam:

Geofoam blocks can also help dampen noise, improving sound quality in large spaces. The structural integrity provided by geofoam means you won’t be dealing with settlement issues or uneven load distribution.

Geofoam is a sustainable product that generates fewer carbon emissions than traditional construction materials. It is lightweight and durable and resists moisture and decomposition. It is also affordable to work with and requires no specialized equipment.

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