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Triumph Construction Supply understands the value of maintaining excellent customer relationships. We’re proud of the fact that the customers that helped get our business started are still our most loyal and valued people to do business with. Our products are top-of-the-line, and our knowledge of them is top-notch. You won’t find a more reliable resource for your construction project than Triumph.

Our Story

Triumph Construction Supply started its business in 2010. At this time, while establishing our vendor relationships, we realized that we had the benefit of being able to choose not only our products but also our vendors. We chose vendors who could offer competitive prices in our market. Though we remain a small, family-owned business, the relationships we form with our vendors and customers are why we can continue to compete directly and successfully with large national companies.

Another area of pride for Triumph Construction Supply is our contributions to construction projects in our home, Kansas City, and throughout the central United States. Customer service is our favorite part of the job. Our company slogan is “Dedicated to Contractor Success.” This means that we will take the necessary steps to ensure that your materials are delivered on time and in the most quality, cost-effective way possible.


Triumph Construction Supply offers a wide range of products. Whether you need concrete for a sidewalk or a foundation, masonry for a garden wall, thermal and moisture control materials to make your building more comfortable, or geosynthetic materials for road construction, we have what you need. We’ll use our strong vendor relationships to get the materials you need for your project at the best prices.

Triumph Construction Supply is located in Kansas City and can supply many of our products anywhere in the United States. Contact us to ask about our products by calling 818-444-6000 or click here to contact us online for a free quote.

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