The Best Geogrid Supplier in Kansas City is Triumph Construction Supply!

Geogrid Supplier in KC

The Midwest’s premier geogrid supplier is Triumph Construction Supply. Triumph is committed to customer satisfaction, and one of the ways we pursue that goal is to ensure our customer base has access to all the information they need about the products we offer. To that end, Triumph wants to help you by discussing the types of geogrid products we offer.

What are Geogrids?

Triumph Construction Supply is a geogrid supplier offering geosynthetic products that stabilize the soil and reinforce the base in various applications. There are three types of geogrid: uniaxial, biaxial, and triaxial. These products, made from layers of polymers, can be installed in horizontal layers between wall courses to stabilize soil or a wall system’s mass and stability.

Where are Geogrids used?

A geogrid supplier can offer you a product you can use in the following projects:

-Laydown Yards
-Paved Highways
-Secondary and Haul Roads
-Parking Areas for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
-Airport Runways and Taxiways
-Freight Distribution Centers and Terminals
-Rail Intermodal
-Embankment Stabilization
-Soft Soil Stabilization

We understand that maintaining excellent customer relationships is crucial to our success as a construction material supplier. The customers that helped us start our business in 2010 are still our strongest customers. Though we remain a small, family-owned construction supply and geogrid supplier business, we continue to compete directly (and successfully) with large national companies.

Triumph Construction Supply takes pride in our contributions to construction projects in Kansas City and throughout the United States. We are the region’s premiere geogrid supplier and many other products. Our favorite part of the job is the customer service we provide, which we see as our chance to bring value and expertise to help our customers succeed. If you need construction supplies for any project, call us at (816) 444-6000 or contact us online.

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