Looking For a Waterstop Supplier? Triumph Construction Supply Ships Nationwide.


Waterstop Supplier Triumph Construction serves the Southern United States. We ship to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas and Missouri.

We are a waterstop supplier of PVC waterstop, hydrophilic waterstop, and retrofit “rx” waterstop. These materials seal the joints in horizontal and vertical concrete panels to prevent groundwater from penetrating or, in some cases, to keep unsafe water contained and out of the ground. Waterstop is currently commonly used in:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Below grade (underground) facilities
  • Locks
  • Dams

As a waterstop supplier, we offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery of waterstop. We are proud to offer three types of waterstop:

1.) PVC Waterstop is a non-swelling waterstop made of PVC or rubber material placed in the joint between concrete panels. PVC waterstop is usually tied into the rebar mat of the concrete panel at a joint, and then cement is poured overtop of the waterstop to create a permanent barrier. The PVC waterstop we offer is JP Specialties and Dura Joint. Depending on the contractors’ needs or specifications, they come in various shapes and sizes. The other type of non-swelling waterstop is a rubber waterstop strip with adhesive on the bottom of the strip to place on top of already cured concrete, and then cement would be poured on top of it. This would be used at the base of a vertical wall. Our brand is Henry Synkoflex, which is sold with a primer to help adhere the adhesive strip. 

2.) Hydrophilic Waterstop is a swelling waterstop made out of bentonite or a hydrophilic material, causing them to swell when they contact with water in cement. These products both serve the same purpose and have an adhesive backing, allowing them to stick to a cured concrete slab so cement can be poured on top, primarily used in the base or vertical joints of a vertical wall section. The brands of swelling waterstop we carry are Bentoswell and Adeka. The Bentoswell is bentonite-based, and the Adeka has a hydrophilic compound. 

3.) Retrofit “rx” Waterstop is a metallic waterstop usually made of stainless steel and would be placed in a joint to have cement poured on top. Retrofit waterstop is designed to provide a fluid-tight seal between existing concrete and new concrete construction. 

Triumph Construction Supply is located in Kansas City and is committed to supplying quality construction products anywhere in the United States. Contact us to ask about our products by calling 816-444-6000 or click here to contact us online for a free quote. We ship nationwide, but our popular waterstop supplier service areas include Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, Grapevine, Plano, Texarkana), Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond), Arkansas (Ft. Smith, Bentonville, Fayetteville), Louisana (Shreveport) Kansas (Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka), or Missouri (Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis).

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Looking For a Waterstop Supplier? Triumph Construction Supply Ships Nationwide.

If you need waterstop for your construction project, Triumph Construction Supply can ship it wherever you need it. As the Midwest’s premier construction supplier, we already do business in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Missouri. No matter where you might be, we can ship you the materials you need.

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